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New Alumni Flow-Thru Fund Process Instructions – Effective 7/1/2023

The instructions for the new alumni flow-thru fund process (funds that start with “26”) are available on the UND Finance website. The alumni flow-thru funds are the UND funds that are used to record expenses that are then centrally billed to the UND Foundation for reimbursement. The processes outlined in these instructions need to be used starting on 7/1/2023.

As an update to what was stated in prior announcements and trainings, project IDs will need to be used in conjunction with the alumni flow-thru funds starting on 7/1/2023. This PeopleSoft rule will be applied to transactions that are being backdated to fiscal year 2023 AND to transactions that are being entered for fiscal year 2024.

For any questions on the new alumni flow-thru fund process please reach out to Jodi Morgan at