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Issues with Amazon

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Amazon is currently experiencing issues and they are working to resolve the situation. Please use alternative suppliers in the meantime. Any questions or concerns please contact Laura Nelson at or Tonya Parton at   Laura Nelson, Interim Director of Procurement & Payment Services, PPS

New Expense Types for Alaska and Hawaii

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New expense types have been added to the Travel and Expense module. If you utilize the Expense Type Category to locate expense types, they can be found under OCONUS Travel. OCONUS Airfare OCONUS Lodging OCONUS Meals OCONUS Meals Taxable OCONUS Mileage OCONUS Trans & Misc Exp These new expense types mimic the International Travel expense […]

Changes to the timing of the General Ledger Closing Monthly

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Starting January 2022, the General Ledger will stay open through the fourth business day(February 7).  In the Month of January, PPS started a process to create vouchers for the completed virtual card PO numbers. Because of this new process, it is taking longer than three business days to have everything posted back to the month […]

Update on Travel and Expense Notifications

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CTS is still working with Oracle on a solution for the email notifications. In the meantime, they implemented a temporary solution. They reverted to online email notifications, which will go out immediately after submission, approval, etc. Along with that, they turned on budget checking every 15 minutes, so hopefully, that will cut down on the […]

Updated UND Refund Policy

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Effective January 1, 2022, refunds should be deposited, as follows: Refunds originating from a current fiscal year expense should be deposited to the original accounting chartfield in which the expense occurred, using the original expense account code. Refunds originating from a prior fiscal year expense should be deposited, as follows: If refund is for an […]

Reminder that Gifts are not an allowable UND expense

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It is the season when people like to express gratitude or appreciation to employees, colleagues and students in the form of a gift. University funds may not be used for the purpose of gift giving. Gifts are defined as voluntarily giving something and not receiving anything in return. It is a payment to show favor, […]

Issue with Travel and Expense Email Notifications

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The email notifications for Travel and Expense are not generating, and CTS is working on the issue.  Approvers should log into PeopleSoft Finance periodically to see if you have any reports to approve. Here is the link Laura Nelson, Director of Finance, Procurement & Payment Services

Jaggaer issues this weekend

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CTS will be doing PeopleSoft Finance fall patching this weekend, starting Friday at 5pm CT. All users will be locked out at this time and the outage is expected to last most of the weekend; a notification will be sent out When PeopleSoft Finance is available again. Because CTS is shouting down PeopleSoft Finance, Jaggaer […]