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For Your Health

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New SMHS website is live!


If you haven’t noticed, the new UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences website is live at:

Over the next few weeks, E-News will be providing answers to a series of FAQs that many UND SMHS faculty, staff, and students may have about the site, beginning with this question:

Q:  “Where are the links to my Email, Blackboard, Dropbox, and Room Scheduling platforms?”

A:  Blackboard, Dropbox, and other external platform links used by students, faculty, and staff are now in the black bar at the top of every SMHS webpage under the “Logins” button. Also located in that bar is the “Info For” button, which provides links to information important to specific user groups such as faculty/staff, students, and the general public. This info includes links to SMHS policies, human resources, HIPAA training, and the Information Resources and Library Resources teams.

Q:  “Why can’t I see the new website using the URL provided?”

A:  It could be that you need to clear the cache from your web browser or complete a “DNS flush” on your computer. To do the latter, follow the instructions here.

More questions and answers next week!