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Scholarship winners remember getting the news on Giving Hearts Day 2018

The gratitude just keeps coming.

“My scholarship has helped tremendously toward unforeseen expenses thus far,” beamed Erica Nelson, a third-year medical student from Fargo, N.D., winner of the Dr. David and Lola Rognlie Monson Giving Hearts Scholarship in 2018. “For example, paying for standardized exams. I intend to use the second half of my scholarship this semester to apply for residencies. I have no doubt I will be able to apply to more programs than I would have been able to without the scholarship. Not to mention—airfare expenses for interviews!”

Hoping to help more students like Erica, the UND SMHS is again partnering with Dakota Medical Foundation in an effort to provide a minimum of two $12,500 scholarships to UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences (SMHS) students on Giving Hearts Day 2019.

Interested in participating?

SMHS STUDENTS: Sign up at on Feb. 14 for a chance to win one of the two scholarships.

DONORS: All gift amounts are welcome! For each $1,000+ donation made to the UND SMHS at on Feb. 14, you receive one chance to have one of the scholarships named in your honor.

“The Giving Hearts Day Scholarship has made the transition from pre-clinical to clinical training much easier,” added Brett Johnson, a third-year medical student from Fargo, N.D., winner of the Drs. Laura and Corey Kroetsch Giving Hearts Scholarship in 2018. “Not only is there the cost of tuition, but also moving to your third year campus, licensing exams, and so on. While I still plan to pursue my current area of interest, the scholarship opened up new locations to practice in the future based more closely on my interests as opposed to a paycheck. The scholarship certainly allowed me more freedom to choose how I want to help others best through my future practice.”

Help the SMHS mitigate student debt for our future health care providers like Erica and Brett.

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