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Great Plains IDeA-CTR seeks applications for vouchers for core facilities

The Great Plains IDeA-CTR is soliciting applications from clinical and translational researchers for vouchers to be used to access core facilities and/or fee-for-service resources to augment their current research, or to prepare pilot data for research applications. Applications for vouchers will require an abstract of the proposed project, information on the relevance of the request to the project, and a detailed budget. Awards are anticipated to range between $4,000 and $10,000 per application. A total of approximately $20,000 will be granted to investigators for this fiscal year which ends on June 30, 2019.

The full RFA is available here.

Full-time faculty members from UNMC, UNL, UNK, UNO, Boys Town National Research Hospital, University of South Dakota, University of North Dakota or North Dakota State University may apply. The funds cannot be used to replace costs included in existing grants, and proposals must indicate how the results will be used to support new grant applications. The application form is attached. All applications must also be signed by the core director/service provider to indicate that the protocol has been reviewed and/or usage is feasible. Applicants are also required to submit a current NIH biosketch, a description of the relevance of the project to clinical and translational research and a description of the project that includes methods, measures and outcomes. As part of the outcome, information on sustainability of the research (e.g. support of grant submissions, please indicate type and agency) is expected.

Applications will be reviewed monthly by the Administrative Core of the GP IDeA-CTR until all funds have been granted. Remaining review and due dates are as follows:

  • Due April 1, 2019; Review: April 2, 2019
  • Due May 6, 2019; Review: May 7, 2019

All funds must be expended by June 30, 2019.

Post Award Reporting: The PI will be required to submit a brief impact report by June 30, 2019, to include information on core facility use and grants/publications submitted, and general impact of the project on the PI’s research. These grants/publications must acknowledge support from the Great Plains IDeA-CTR (unless the award letter indicates funding from an alternate source or the grant application/publication does not allow such acknowledgements). Campus research offices will be responsible for providing any requested financial data; core facilities will report use-data in conjunction with their normal reporting cycle.

For additional information please contact: Pamela Laws (402.559.4749, or Bonnie Kee at 701.777.2102 or