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North Dakota chapters of ACP and SHM announce poster winners!

The North Dakota Chapters of American College of Physicians (ACP) and Society of Hospital Medicine (SHM) had a successful poster competition among medical students and internal medicine residents recently.

The competition winners are:

ACP Research
Winner: Donald Hamm, MS2 — “An A-Mu-zing change: The effects of selective Mu opioid receptor agonists on endolysosome pH”
Runner-up: Hayden Brodersen, MS2 — “Association of lipid visit-to-visit variability with mortality, cerebrovascular and metabolic outcomes”

ACP Resident Clinical Vignette

Winner: Vinita Vadiya, M.D. — “Peripheral T-cell lymphoma masquerading as acute retroviral syndrome”
Runner-up: Shabnum Gupta, M.D., MPH — “Recovery of coccidioides immitis / posadasii from blood using the BacTALERT 3D culture system”

ACP Medical Student Clinical Vignette

Winner: Brett Johnson, MS4 — “Up in Smoke: Acute respiratory distress syndrome in an 18-year-old secondary to e-cigarette use”
Runner-up: Audrey Lane, MS3 — “Management of recurrent pyogenic cholangitis in patient with bile duct trifurcation”


Winner: Michael Storandt, MS3 — “Acute eosinophilic pneumonia: A rare complication of daptomycin therapy”
Runner-up: Pranish Kantak, MS3 — “Hemichorea: detection and management of a rare complication of non-ketotic hyperglycemia”

Congratulations to each winner and thank you to all who participated!

The first place winners are eligible to compete at the national meetings of their category. The ACP Internal Medicine 2020 meeting is in Los Angeles, Calif., April 23-25, 2020. The SHM Annual Conference is in San Diego, Calif., April 15-18, 2020.