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For Your Health

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Women’s Way, Spectra Health to host a 3D mammography event Feb. 20

On Thursday, Feb. 20, Spectra Health in Grand Forks will host a 3D mammography event, wherein eligible women can schedule an appointment for a 3D mammogram.

“With 3D mammograms, the radiologist who looks at the mammogram is able to get a better look at the breast tissue and diagnose more accurately,” said Tiffany Boespflug, Women’s Way coordinator. “3D mammograms are also great for women with dense breasts since the technology gives us a better look at the tissue.”

Previously, 2D mammograms only allowed for images of the breast from the top and the side. With 3D imagery, a more comprehensive look at the breast is now available, allowing for more precise detection and fewer false alarms.

Women who may be eligible are:

  • Age 40-64 and live in North Dakota
  • Able to meet income guidelines
  • Uninsured or underinsured (can’t afford to pay health insurance deductible or co-pays)

“Events like this are fantastic because women from all over come together to be proactive about their health,” said Boespflug. “It helps create this sense of solidarity.”

To schedule an appointment for the 3D mammography event in Grand Forks, call 701.757.2100.

Women’s Way helps eligible North Dakotans pay for most breast cancer screenings. To find out more about screenings for breast cancer, including options for financial assistance, visit Women’s Way, Medicaid Expansion, or the federal Marketplace insurance platform online.