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ACP and SHM North Dakota Chapters announce 2020 poster winners

The North Dakota Chapters of American College of Physicians and Society of Hospital Medicine are pleased to announce the winners of our annual poster competition. All posters can be viewed here. The winners, by category, are:

ACP Research

Winner – Connor J. Schweitzer and Austin J. Hewitt, fourth-year medical students, for “Assessing the relationship of ambulatory antibiotic prescribing patterns among upper respiratory tract infections, 2017-2018.”

Runner-Up – Alexandra G. Hopkins, third-year medical student, for “Suicide-related over-the-counter analgesic exposures reported to United States Poison Control Centers, 2000–2018.”


ACP Clinical Vignette Residents

Winner – Emmanuel Fohle, M.D., PGY-II, for “A rare case of spontaneous splenic rupture in cat-bite induced tularemia.”

Runner-Up – Spencer Campbell, M.D., PGY-III, for “Diabetes insipidus, a rare complication of sarcoidosis.”


ACP Clinical Vignette Medical Students

Winner  Anna Reinholz, third-year medical student, for “Reactive arthritis: An unusual presentation of acute Clostridium difficile.”

Runner-Up – Michael Storandt, fourth-year medical student, for “Porphyria cutanea tarda: A rare presentation of hemochromatosis.”


SHM Clinical Vignette

Winner – Stephanie Melquist, M.D., PGY-III, for “Don’t forget the drugs! A case of severe mycophenolate mofetil induced colitis with hemorrhage requiring hemicolectomy.”

Runner-Up – Suchita Kotnala, M.D., PGY-III, and Anuj Mogla, M.D., PGY-II, for “Uncommon DKA presentation: low on sugars but high on acids.”

Congratulations, everyone!