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SMHS leads the pack for UND Scholarly Commons downloads

The UND Scholarly Commons research clearinghouse went online only three years ago. Soon after going live, the School of Medicine & Health Sciences Library Resources team began to upload scholarly projects, theses, publications, capstones, and more from multiple SMHS departments to the site for public use. In that time span, UND has accumulated 683,763 total downloads of its scholarly content, and we’re excited to announce that SMHS abstracts, projects, and papers lead the pack, accounting for 30.4% of all downloads (as of 18 Dec. 2020) by UND Scholarly Commons users!

UND Scholarly Commons user downloads (top five colleges):

  1. SMHS – 207,841
  2. Arts and Sciences – 122,024
  3. Education and Human Development – 55,904
  4. Engineering and Mines – 47,842
  5. Nursing and Professional Disciplines – 44,330

In second place is UND’s College of Arts & Sciences, at 17.9% of all user downloads, which is close to the number of downloads our School’s Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy departments garner individually, 14.6% (99,503) and 13.7% (93,302) of all user downloads, respectively. In addition, three of the top 10 downloads of all time (based on the average number of downloads per day since posting) are PT or OT projects.

With a high global readership, SMHS content download requests have come from countries as far away as Australia, Vietnam, India, and Malaysia.

SMHS downloads by country (top 10):

  1. U.S. – 110,700
  2. United Kingdom – 9,449
  3. Australia – 7,608
  4. Canada – 7,552
  5. India – 7,388
  6. Philippines – 6,561
  7. China – 5,448
  8. Malaysia – 2,659
  9. Indonesia – 2,480
  10. Saudi Arabia – 2,033

Nice work SMHS faculty, staff, and students!

Check out the recent downloads, your department’s current selection of publications and data, and the recent additions to the Commons on the site today!