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Ten ways to shorten your lecture, improve learning, and bring about world peace

Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLAS) invites you to join us on Thursday, Feb. 24 at noon Central for “10 Ways to Shorten Your Lecture, Improve Student Learning, and Bring About World Peace.*” This session will be presented virtually and will be recorded for later viewing.

Join via Zoom:

Do you find yourself racing through the last few slides of your lecture in order to finish on time? Do your students complain about going over time or missing things you don’t have time to cover in class? Do you wish you had more time for student questions and discussion without cutting out important content?

If so, join Dr. Richard Van Eck, associate dean for Teaching and Learning, for this virtual faculty development event on Thursday, Feb. 24, at noon. Sometimes it seems there is so much to cover that we have no choice but to create 100 slides and cover each one in 20 seconds to finish on time. We sound like parrots rather than faculty with deep expertise, and research shows that most students don’t learn from and retain this knowledge well as a result. In this workshop, Dr. Van Eck will present a variety of practical tips and tricks you can use to make room for teaching, rather than telling, and shortening your lecture to still end class on time no matter how much great discussion ensues throughout.

This faculty development session is hosted by the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLAS) unit of Education Resources and the Office of Education and Faculty Affairs. This series showcases topics of interest to the medical and health education community and is free and open to anyone. Previous sessions can be streamed at any time from our website.

If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to suggest a future meeting topic, please contact Adrienne Salentiny (

*OK, we may cover more than 10 things, and world peace is probably beyond the scope of a 50-minute workshop, but you WILL learn how to improve student learning and save time!

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