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Watch: Panel discussion on fragrances in SMHS facilities

Last week, several SMHS panelists discussed chemical sensitivities among students, NDUS facaulty/staff, and the general public.

The video recording of that discussion is now available online here.

As the panel noted, fragrances are commonly utilized in many consumer products such as air fresheners, deodorants, soaps, and cleaning supplies. At the same time, a growing number of individuals report sensitivity and allergic reactions to fragrances. Approximately one-third of the U.S. population is estimated to have sensitivities to fragrances, with nearly 10% of the population having allergic reactions. Sensitivity and allergic reactions to fragrances can range from mild symptoms to debilitating respiratory and multi-system responses.

This is why several SMHS programs (e.g., the Department of Physical Therapy) address cologne/perfume/fragrance use in the professional setting in their respective program policy manuals. For more information, see your program’s specific policy or recommendation, and thank you for your diligence in limiting the use of such products in SMHS facilities.