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Brand Corner: New SMHS Logos are in!

After a long audit process by UND, the university’s Marketing & Creative Services team (in conjunction with the Office of Alumni & Community Relations and Information Resources teams) has produced new logos for each of the departments/units at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences (SMHS).

New departmental logos do a better job of keeping the UND brand consistent across departments and are available in multiple formats (e.g., for electronic use or embroidering).

This is the logo that the School and University are asking departments to use when they look to produce materials that require a department’s logo and/or for promotional purposes (e.g., clothing, pens, drink containers, or other professional items).

Please note the following points:

  • SMHS Administration and the University still prefer that whenever possible, faculty/staff use the primary/standard SMHS logo (without a department name).
  • The “fit” of a departmental logo on promotional items will hinge on the item in question and you may need to reconsider the item you purchase for marketing/promotional use in order to keep the University-approved brand intact.
  • To that end, remember that vendors CANNOT manipulate the logo (e.g., no moving the Aesculapius to sit alongside a department’s name or to the left side of the main logo to help the logo fit in a printable area of a pen or polo).
  • Note that the SMHS Sports Medicine team only has been given an alternate logo that aligns with UND Athletics branding.

If you have questions about your department’s new logo, or would like access to it, contact Brian Schill in Alumni & Community Relations or John Lee and Laura Stutrud in Information Resources at the SMHS.