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Education Resources group to present at AAMC conference, offers scholarship support

In April 2024, SMHS Education Resources faculty and staff will present at the 2024 American Association of Medical Colleges Central Group of Education Affairs conference:

  • Van Eck, R., Allen, J., Johnson, E.J, Guthridge, A., and Salentiny, A. will present: A Badging System for Competency-Based Medical Education
  • Hillyar, J., Hurtubise, L., and Salentiny, A. will present: Striving for Inclusive Teaching through Universal Design for Learning
  • Salentiny, A., Suh. B, et. al will present: Promoting Multi-Institutional Collaboration for Faculty Development at the Regional Level

Each of these projects was born out of an interest in the subject and the additional willingness to study the problem, potential solutions, and the effects of these solutions when implemented.

If you are interested in generating your own scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) projects, the Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship (TLAS) team in Education Resources can help. Work with us to reconceptualize your teaching as research for publications and presentations or to improve your teaching by studying the effects of different approaches you adopt. TLAS instructional designers each hold graduate degree(s) in Instructional Design and Technology and bring over 50 years’ combined experience in instructional design, research scholarship, and higher education to the SMHS.

There is additional available support for SoTL available from the UND Faculty Instructional Development Committee (FDIC). This may include funding for conference travel and additional faculty development.

Ready to get started? If you are interested in pursuing SoTL, please contact us!