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Mark your calendars for National Public Health Week April 1-7

Mark your calendars for National Public Health Week (NPHW) 2024, which runs from April 1 to 7!

Advances in medical diagnosis and treatment notwithstanding, improvements in public health over the past century have greatly increased both quality of life and life expectancy around the globe for billions of people. Public health initiatives like improved sanitation and water purification, greater hygiene and workplace safety, and tobacco cessation and transportation safety (seat belts, bicycle helmets) have made life better for entire communities. For example, deaths from diseases like cholera and dysentery in the U.S. today have dropped significantly compared to a century ago, as have tobacco-related illnesses.

To celebrate such advances, UND’s Master of Public Health program is celebrating NPHW 2024 by highlighting the daily themes as proposed by the American Public Health Association (APHA):

  • April 1 – Civic Engagement
  • April 2 – Healthy Neighborhoods
  • April 3 – Climate Change
  • April 4 – New Tools and Innovations
  • April 5 – Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • April 6 – Emergency Preparedness
  • April 7 – Future of Public Health

Learn more at the National Public Health Week website.