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Frank Low Research Day: Registration, abstract and print deadlines

The UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences annual research showcase, Frank Low Research Day (FLRD), will be held on Thursday, April 11, 2024.

Although the event will be held in-person, an option for remote participation is also possible. Anyone planning to attend Frank Low Day either in-person or remotely must register online.

Participants wanting to submit an abstract for either a poster presentation or short video presentation are required to submit your abstract and register online and submit a copy of the abstract as a Word document (see below).

The deadline for registration and submitting abstracts is Monday, April 1, 2024. The deadline for in-house poster printing is April 2 (see below).

Abstract guidelines: The abstract (2500-character limit) should contain the following information: Introduction, Methodology, Results, Conclusions, and Significance. However, headings in these categories do not need to be provided in the abstract unless this is a typical abstract style or specific headings used in your field of research or discipline. Only the first author or one of the first authors should submit an abstract to avoid duplication. Additional authors should only register if they will be attending the meeting. When submitting your abstract online, you will be asked if you would like information about inclusion of your work in the UND Scholarly Commons, and also if you would like your abstract included in the Published Proceedings of FLRD. Please confer with your mentor(s) and co-authors before selecting “yes.”

Abstracts of Distinction: Due to the large number of abstracts/presentations, a review panel will evaluate all abstracts and select “Abstracts of Distinction” where presentations associated with only these selected abstracts will be evaluated by judges for selection of awards.

Posters and Video Presentations: In-person attendees are encouraged to present a traditional poster but will be given the option for a short video presentation (10 minutes or less), while remote participants will need to submit a short video presentation.

Poster guidelines: The poster boards are 40”(h) x 60”(w). Poster templates (56” x 41”) can be found here. See UND SMHS poster printing guidelines for printing your posters. If you plan on using the UND SMHS Information Resources team to print your poster, the deadline for poster submission is April 2. Submit the poster as a .pdf file in an attachment via email to

Poster Awards: Awards will be given for best posters/presentations in several categories, but only student/trainee first authors are eligible to compete for the award(s). Please visit the FLRD webpage for more information and updates.

If you have any questions, please contact Nikki Voigt at If submitting an abstract, please send a copy as a Word document to Nikki Voigt with the abstract formatted as noted in Nikki’s email from March 7, 2024.