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Vilcek Foundation seeks researcher applications for Vilcek Prize

Attention SMHS researchers: The Vilcek Foundation is currently accepting applications for the 2025 Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Biomedical Science.

In 2025, the Vilcek Foundation will award three prizes of $50,000 to immigrant and foreign-born research scientists living and working in the United States. To be eligible candidates must hold a Ph.D. and be employed full time in a research capacity as a principal investigator. Candidates must have been born outside of the United States to non-American parents, and must have lived in the United States for at least 4 years. Prizewinners are selected for the scientific rigor of their work and for the impact of their work in their respective field of study. Eligible scientists are encouraged to apply by June 10, 2024.

Award and application details:

The SMHS Department of Biomedical Sciences encourages qualifying researchers to apply for the Vilcek Prize or contact the Foundation at or with questions.