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MS4: Degree verification

Congratulations on almost being done with your degree, fourth-years! We are so excited for all of you! Many of you may need verification forms complete, transcripts, diploma copies, and a variety of other documentation for your residency programs or next steps. Please submit these requests through the Degree Verification Form. You will need to sign in with your NDUS email account to complete this form. We ask that you try to submit all the items/documents you need complete on one form, but multiple can be completed if necessary. If we need more information from you, we will send you an email and you may need to complete another submission.

Please note that we cannot send any information to your programs until after graduation and your degree has been finalized. Once this happens, we will send the documents to the address provided. Once the forms have been completed by our office, you will receive an email from us letting you know.