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VisualDx: An Essential Tool

VisualDx, originally created as a dermatological database, has grown to support much more and should be one of the primary decision support tools in your medical toolbelt. VisualDx, located under “Quick Links” on our home page, is a database of dermatologic, infectious, and drug-induced diseases and is also available as a mobile app for quick evidence-based support. It allows you to enter symptoms and demographics to determine potential diagnosis (differentials) and includes images for People of Color. You can also view over 50,000 potential reactions caused by medications by using the “Drug-Induced” tab within results.

VisualDx was built based on the idea that medical decisions must be made based on evidence and that you need accurate information to make these decisions. That’s why VisualDx provides a visual matching system and differential builder built on the most common and serious disorders with guided workups to help build and improve your clinical reasoning skills. Using this tool will guide you to a differential diagnosis by combining the visualization aspects as well as the patient history and exam findings.

Applicable for Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Rural Health, Emergency Medicine, and of course Dermatology and much more, this clinical tool is extremely useful no matter where you are in your UND career. For help accessing VisualDx online or via the app or for assistance with any of your searching needs contact us for assistance!