Notes from the Program Manager

INMED recently graduated our 49th class of Medical Doctors and allied health professionals here at the University of North Dakota. In the office, the team is working hard to gear up for the celebrations surrounding the 50th, and to shape the next 50 years with care.

Everywhere we go, every campus we visit, every advisor we connect with, every student in our summer programs, has an INMED connection, and can’t wait to tell us about it! These stories, this network, goes to show how critical INMED has been in shaping the landscape of American Indian and Alaska Native participation and leadership in health and healthcare for nearly 50 years. INMED has been supporting the success of Indigenous allied healthcare professionals since 1973, and we are looking toward the future.

We want your help! We held our first 50th planning meeting on Friday, April 8th. One key theme that emerged was the re-engagement of our alumni base, and we are completely on board! We have records dating back to the 1960s, even before INMED started the work of an academic support unit here at UND. As you can imagine, it becomes harder and harder each year to reconnect with our graduates and families from that long ago, especially when email didn’t exist the last time we saw them! So, I’m calling on all of our friends, families, graduates, Advisory Board Members, and other stakeholders to let us know where you are! You can update your contact information and let us know what you are up to (we’d love to hear!) by clicking this link.

There are many ways to get involved with INMED. We are looking for alumni and friends to host gatherings and other events across the country. Representation is critical for our young people; allied health professionals are always welcome as guest speakers, instructors and mentors for our summer programs. During the academic year, we have students in every health-related degree program at UND, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Allopathic Medicine, Indigenous Health, Athletic Training, Nursing, and more. The value of a mentor who has lived the same path that our students are traveling is immeasurable. Please reach out to us if you have any interest in connecting with our team or our students!

Dani Thompson

INMED Program Manager | 701.777.3037 |

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