UND students: join the INMED family!

Freshmen: Join the INMED Family

Is it your dream to work in the medical field? INMED can help you chart a course that gets you to the graduation stage and beyond. INMED is here to help you grow and become a healer for your Native community. As a new freshmen to campus, you will have INMED guide, nurture, and cheer you on as you take the necessary steps to achieve your goal. The program is committed to a unique educational community founded in culture that nurtures holistic student success. The following are some pointers and tips for you to consider:

Job Shadowing

Consider job shadowing before you begin your higher education at UND. With first-hand exposure, you will learn about the profession, and it will help you decide if this is the right career path for you. The cost to attend college has gone up significantly, so it is critical that you minimize any potentially wasted time. Students who are unsure of a major take much longer to graduate and in the process incur unnecessary debt.

Stay Involved with INMED

Keep in touch with your UND academic advisor and the INMED Program. As a Student Advisor, Kathleen Fredericks serves undergraduates and is available to work with you. She can advise, mentor, and point you in the right direction and help you meet key people on campus. It is important that you stay in communication with her, along with all of your professors, so they can help you with your needs, interests and academic plan. Everyone at UND is here to help you succeed!

Networking and Making New Friends

Your involvement with INMED will help you meet new friends with similar goals and interests. You will also have an opportunity to meet medical students from all over the United States who can serve as excellent mentors for pre-health majors. These opportunities will give you first-hand knowledge of what it is like to be a medical student and how INMED medical students prepared themselves for the admissions process.

If you have any questions about your next steps, please reach out to Kathleen!