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Student Involvement at Lunar & Planetary Science Conference

Space Studies graduate students and faculty attended the 44th annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference March 18-22 in The Woodlands, TX.  The Space Studies Department had an exhibitor’s booth at the conference, and many attending had poster presentations.  Student Brian Badders presented a poster titled, “NDX-2 Lunar Space Suit PLSS Development for Analog Operations.”  Student Marissa Saad’s poster was titled, “Near-Space Balloon Competition: Providing Hands-On STEM Education to Middle and High School Students.”  Student Nick Long presented a poster titled, “Small Spacecraft Exploration of Uranian Moons.”  Student Aparna Venkataramanasastry presented a poster titled, “A Space Debris-Enhanced Intervention Mission to a Near-Earth Asteroid.”  Student Tyler Hill’s poster was titled, “Deep Space Planetary Exploration Using Commercially Available Solar Electric Propulsion.”  Student Josh Borchardt’s poster was titled, “A Comparative Rhizosphere and Morphological Study of a Brassica rapa on JSC-1A Lunar Regolith Simulant.”  Student Rachel Roberts presented a poster titled, “Mineralogical Assessment of two Gefion Family Asteroids: 1433 Geramtina and 4182 Mount Locke.”  Student Josh Berk presented a poster titled, “Space Station 2.0: A Transformational Architecture for Space Development.”  Dr. Ron Fevig presented a poster titled, “A Feasibility Study on the Characterization of the Internal Structure of Small Neos with Small Spacecraft.”  Dr. Sherry Fieber-Beyer’s poster was titled, “Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of 3:1 Kirkwood Gap Asteroids: A Battalion of Basalts.”