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North Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics Conference – NASA Resources

The coordinator for the NDSGC delivered the keynote talk at the North Dakota Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NDCTM) spring conference on Friday March 21st titled, “NASA in North Dakota – K-12 Opportunities.”  She talked about the relevance of NASA in our everyday lives, and shared many ways for students and educators to get involved in Space Grant sponsored or STEM-related hands-on research and activities, in North Dakota and nationally.  Links to resources mentioned in the talk are listed below.  Also check out the NDSGC Educator Resources PDF for space-related lesson plans and classroom activities.


Zooniverse: Citizen Science Projects

Students can help scientists progress in their understanding of things from galaxy formation to cancer research.


Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

Student teams submit proposals competing to fly their experiment aboard the International Space Station.


Exploration Design Challenge

There are challenges of varying levels for K-4, 5-8, 9-12, and individuals or groups, all related to protecting astronauts from space radiation while onboard the Orion spacecraft.


Observing with NASA: MicroObservatory

This is a national network of automated telescopes that can be controlled over the Internet.  Students can complete research on their very own images, and projects and activities are included on the site.


“Vomit Comet”

As participants in the Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors Program, educators partner with professional astronomers for Professional Development aboard NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) aircraft.


OSIRIS-Rex Mission to Asteroid Bennu

Your name will be sent to space on a microchip, courtesy of The Planetary Society.  There are also art and essay contests to increase awareness of space missions, and to make involvement fun for students!


Asteroid Mappers: Vesta Edition

Students analyze high-resolution Dawn images of Vesta, including craters and other features as a part of a NASA-sponsored citizen science project.


International Space Station Live!

Follow the activities aboard the ISS, learn all about mission control, and download AP-level lesson plans in chemistry, physics, environmental science, and statistics.