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Xiquan Dong and Baike Xi Receive Achievement Award

Dr. Xiquan Dong and Dr. Baike Xi from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences have received a Group Achievement Award from NASA. The award was to the CERES Clouds Team “For sustained excellence and innovation in developing and validating the Cloud Retrieval Systems for CERES Editions 2 and 4 Climate Data Records.” CERES (Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System) is a radiometer based on the successful Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) design from the mid-1980s. Its role is to contribute to a long-term climate data record of the Earth’s energy budget by measuring the amount of reflected sunlight and emitted heat that determine Earth’s climate. Congratulations Baike and Xiquan!

~Mike Poellot, Chair/Professor, Atmospheric Sciences