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Thesis Proposal by Maggie Dievendorf on Monday, August 28th

Space Studies master’s student, Maggie Dievendorf, will give her thesis proposal presentation as follows.  All Space Studies students and faculty are encouraged to attend.

When:  Monday, August 28th at noon

Where:  Clifford Hall, Room 111

Title: Calibration of Clinopyroxene Mixtures for Interpreting Asteroid Spectra

About the topic: Pyroxenes are one of the most common minerals in asteroids. Clinopyroxenes are a certain type that can contain high amounts of calcium. These have been less studied in past mineral mixture research despite being prevalent in most meteorite types. To add to the smaller amount of data, I am looking at predominantly high-calcium pyroxenes in both individual and mixture spectra to compare to relevant meteorite spectra. With this research, I hope to help with calibrating high-calcium pyroxenes in asteroid spectra.

About the presenter:   Margaret Dievendorf started at the University of North Dakota Space Studies Master’s Program in Fall 2014, with a focus in planetary science. She is currently working on pyroxenes and asteroid spectroscopy with Dr. Mike Gaffey. She is originally from Malone, NY and received her B.A. in astrogeophysics from Colgate University in 2013. In past research, she has worked on meteorite chemistry and observed at the Arecibo and NASA IRTF telescopes.