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Stipends: Setting up your account

Setting up your stipends:

To set up your stipend for your stipends, we need you to fill out the following forms: 1) Direct Deposit 2) W-9s


1) Please open, download, and fill out the direct deposit form. The Direct Deposit form is here: ( Please follow the instructions on the page. This lets UND know where to send the funds.

2) Please open, download, and sign a W9 form ( This is not a tax form. It helps set up an account through UND, who will help Space Grant supply you with your stipend. Only the first page has fillable content.


When both forms are filled out, please upload it on the drop box on this UND site:  It is safe and goes directly to the UND Procurement and Payment Systems. The page will say “Brandon Wallace” at the top. He is the lead UND accountant. You may cross-reference and confirm his staff page here: Please let Marissa Saad ( know if you have any questions.


If you are NDUS faculty, and remember filling out these forms within the last year, you do not need to redo this. If you are unsure, consider submitting an updated version. 



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