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Patricia (Trece) Hopp Wins American Meteorological Society Graduate Fellowship

Patricia (Trece) Hopp, a senior Honors student majoring in Atmospheric Sciences and a 2021-2023 NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholar, won the American Meteorological Society’s Graduate Fellowship. The American Meteorological Society (AMS) administers an array of graduate fellowships and undergraduate scholarships nationwide. One of these is the Graduate Fellowship through the AMS Fellowship Program, a source of unique opportunities for outstanding students looking to pursue graduate education in the atmospheric or related sciences. To date, 382 students have been designated as AMS fellowship recipients. The program helps these first-year graduate students to be educated about unique challenges facing the world so that they may better tackle real-world issues after graduation.

Trece will receive financial support in the amount of $5,000, the opportunity to be special guests at the AMS Annual Meeting with exclusive events therein, and ongoing academic and career support from AMS.  This award will assist Trece in her graduate studies, which she will start this fall at the University of Michigan’s School of Environment and Sustainability: Environmental Policy and Planning.