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A new paradigm for forecasting tornadoes

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UND atmospheric scientist Catherine Finley collaborates on groundbreaking tornado research by, Patrick Miller A state-of-the-art computer model simulating the supercell thunderstorms that spawn the largest and most destructive tornadoes have atmospheric scientists questioning the widely accepted concept of how tornadoes form. Photo courtesy of UND Atmospheric Sciences. What we think we know about how and […]

Aviation body meets on campus for first time since group’s founding under John Odegard

Categories: Aviation, Home Page News

UND welcomes international accreditation group by, Connor Murphy Thirty years ago, a small group of aviation-program administrators from colleges around the country flew in to Grand Forks and met at UND. It was a turning point in the recognition of aviation as a profession. Guy Smith, now president of Aviation Accreditation Board International (AABI), was […]

With UND’s help, Australian ag-tech company brings its bee-tracking technology to North Dakota

Categories: Atmospheric Sciences, Aviation, Earth System Science & Policy, Home Page News

Where the bees are by, Patrick Miller Last week was the first time Paul Snyder, director of the UND Aerospace Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Program, got a firsthand look at technology from Australia that could help North Dakota sunflower farmers increase production through a process known as precision pollination. Kate and David Lyall, co-founders of an […]

Field trip to Bismarck, ND – Finding the economic value of high-tech in provision of pollination services

Categories: Earth System Science & Policy, Home Page News

First test site visit for ESSP faculty Haochi Zheng and student Jiyang Zhang near Bismarck, ND.       The field trip is the first time to check the two sunflower fields that the Australian company, Bee Innovative, identified for the experiment and to meet with them. The ESSP Department is collaborating with the Departments […]

SciGirls Participated in Live Link with ISS

Categories: Home Page News, Space Studies

Through a partnership of PBS’ SciGirls program and NASA, the ND Space Grant Consortium has participated in a live downlink from the International Space Station, with astronaut Christina Koch on August 19th. Twenty middle school girls from the Grand Forks area participated in an afterschool SciGirls space camp throughout the spring of 2019, where they […]

“Framing the Green New Deal for local governance” Dr. Romsdahl’s new article

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Framing the Green New Deal for Local Governance Rebecca Romsdahl,  July 16, 2019 Published in the “The Green New Deal: Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy” –  Public Administration Review, Bully Pulpit Symposium, (see number 10 in the listed commentaries) Summary: A vision for a more sustainable American future, titled The Green New Deal (GND), […]

Manyapu’s Material Prototypes on Display at MSI

Categories: Home Page News, Space Studies

Several samples of material prototypes from the UND Aerospace Sciences Ph.D. research work done by Dr. Kavya Manyapu were recently on display at the “Wired to Wear” exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago, IL, as part of their recent Apollo 50th Anniversary displays.  This was the first ever exhibit dedicated […]