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Near-Space Balloon Challenge, NASA launch opportunity begins

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Registration is now open for the ninth annual state-wide Near-Space Balloon Challenge!   About the launch project Once called the Near-Space Balloon Competition, we have transitioned it into a challenge, in order to increase the program’s collaborative and student-led learning goals! We will host a total of ten teams in a hands-on STEM program, which […]

UND Atmospheric Sciences students receive hands-on experience with weather balloons

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Up, Up and Away By, Patrick C. Miller Balloons remain a critical component of how scientists observe and forecast weather. UND students receive hands-on experience in launching, tracking and monitoring data collection using this method, which dates back 80 years. Photo by Jackie Lorentz/UND Today. Not all Atmospheric Sciences students attending the University of North […]

Near-Space Balloon Competition (NSBC) Begins!

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The 8th annual Near-Space Balloon Competition (NSBC) officially started Monday, October 1. NSBC is an annual statewide student launch competition providing the opportunity for middle and high school student teams to participate in a NASA-sponsored balloon-based space mission. Graduate student lead, Denise Buckner, will be working with the 10 teams selected from across the state […]

Balloon Launch featured on WDAY News

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The AESIR (Atmospheric and Experimental Student-Initiated Research) ballooning team conducted their first full-launch of the semester on September 14th. The launch was featured on WDAY, broadcasted during the 6 PM news ( Space Studies’ distance students studying the effects of Dinoflagellate plankton in a nearspace environment designed the payload. The campus students involved in the […]

NDSGC Student, Denise Buckner, wins NASA Ames CIF Grant

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Congratulations to NDSGC student, Denise Buckner (’19)! October 4, 2018: This week, UND Space Studies graduate student, Denise Buckner, won a research grant from the Ames Center Innovation Fund (CIF). Last summer (2018), Buckner traveled to California where she interned at NASA Ames, working on contamination control and instrumentation for missions searching for extraterrestrial life. During her internship, she […]

Call for Applications: Student Lead for Ballooning Program (Fellowship)

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New Fellowship Position – Balloon Program Coordinator Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2018 semester for the balloon program coordinator. This fellowship position is available to on-campus, graduate Space Studies students. Main responsibilities include the management of the Near-Space Balloon Competition, a middle and high school engineering design program through high altitude ballooning. […]

NDSGC Student, Denise Buckner, Wins University-wide Award

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NDSGC Student Wins University-wide Award   We are proud to announce the winner of the University of North Dakota’s 2018 Lillian Elsinga Outstanding Student Leader Award, is one of NDSGC’s own, Denise Buckner! Buckner, a graduate student in the Space Studies Department, was nominated and selected to win this prestigious award. She consistently demonstrates great leadership […]

Thesis Proposal by Nanette Valentour on May 4th

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Space Studies master’s student, Nanette Valentour, will present her thesis proposal on Friday, May 4th.  All Space Studies students and faculty are encouraged to attend. When:  Friday, May 4, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. (Central Daylight Savings Time) Where:  Ryan Hall, Room 111 Title: “Design of a Controlled Descent Lifting Body Glider for High Altitude Payload Recovery” About the […]

AESIR Meeting Minutes

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The AESIR Ballooning team meets weekly for group meetings, every Wednesday 12:30 – 1:30 PM in the Space Studies Department. The meeting minutes are linked below. Team members should review the action items found in these minutes. September 7, 2018 Meeting Notes   February 28, 2018 Meeting Notes Meeting Powerpoint Document: How to file a […]