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June 2022 -SAM.gov

ND PTAC is sharing information from GSA Interact regarding entity matching in SAM.gov.

On April 4, 2022, the federal government implemented a new process in SAM.gov to validate entities as a first step in requesting a Unique Entity ID and for completing a SAM.gov entity registration. This entity validation process includes checking that your entity name and address match.

If your entity name and address match what is displayed in SAM.gov, you can continue to request a Unique Entity ID and, if needed, complete an entity registration.

If you do not get a name and address match, then you must create an incident (which is basically a help ticket) directly from SAM.gov and attach the documents required to prove the information you entered is correct.

We review these entity validation help tickets in the order they were received. Due to extremely high demand, it is taking longer than anticipated to complete this review. We will respond through the ticket if we have any questions.

You can help. Please only update your entity registration if you need to change information.  Very few entities with existing registrations actually need to go through this entity validation process right now.

Remember, you do not need to update your entity registration to get a Unique Entity ID. It is already assigned and part of your entity registration. Follow these steps if you need help finding your Unique Entity ID.

Here are answers to some of your questions and a few useful tips about the new process:

Do I need to update my entity registration and go through this new entity validation right now? No. If you have an active entity registration, you will validate your name and address in SAM.gov when you go through the annual renewal process. Unless your registration is expiring soon, you most likely do not need to update your entity registration.  You can locate your expiration date by searching for your entity registration in SAM.gov or viewing it from your Workspace.

What do I need to do if there is no match? If you receive a no match message on the Validate Entity Information step, that means you must use the Create Incident button directly in SAM.gov to request entity validation support and attach the required documentation which proves your entity’s legal business name and physical address.

What documentation is required for entity name or address validation?  

When you create the incident, fully describe your problem in the text box and attach one or more documents that prove your entity’s legal business name and physical address to validate your entity information. The supporting documents can be:

  • Articles of Organization or Incorporation
  • Tax Returns or Filings (redacted or limited; enough to show that the entity exists)
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Articles of Formation
  • Certificate of Organization
  • Utility Bills
  • Bank Statements
  • Doing Business As Documentation
  • Stock Ownership
  • Share Certificates
  • Employment Identification Number documentation
  • Tax ID Documents
  • Company Bylaws
  • Operating Agreements

Do I need to create an incident in SAM.gov if my legal business name or physical address do not match what is displayed in SAM.gov?  Yes. You will need to use the Create Incident button on the Validate Entity Information page to create an incident through SAM.gov to update that information. Here are some helpful hints to get the best results:

  • Always include the required documentation. We cannot process your ticket without the required documentation.  Make sure that the documentation submitted supports your requested change.  Any tickets submitted without documentation will be closed and you will be required  to create a new incident with documentation.
  • Only create one incident.  Creating multiple incidents does not expedite our handling of your issue and actually slows down the overall process.  If you received a ticket number, which will look like INC-GSAFSD1234567, you should not create another incident in SAM.gov.
  • Only create entity validation tickets through SAM.gov. Do not use the Create Incident button in SAM.gov for any issue not related to your entity name and address validation.  If you need assistance with any other part of the SAM.gov entity registration process, go to our supporting service desk at FSD.gov to search for answers or create a ticket.
  • Do not attach entity validation documents to an FSD.gov ticket. Remember, this entity validation process goes through SAM.gov. You provide the name and address documentation, as required, to the ticket in SAM.gov. Do not, under any circumstances, attach name and address-related documentation to a regular FSD.gov ticket. If a service desk agent sees additional documentation is required, the agent will tell you how to attach the documentation in SAM.gov.

What can I expect once I submit an entity validation ticket?  Given the current volume of requests, your ticket will take at least several days to process. Tickets are handled in the order received. Contacting the Federal Service Desk (FSD) via phone or chat or creating another incident in SAM.gov will not make the review go faster. Service desk agents cannot expedite your ticket review or provide you more information than you can see in the ticket.  Follow these instructions to check your ticket status or view processing notes.

Remember, just because the government is now using the Unique Entity ID does not mean you need to update your entity registration. An active registration is valid until it expires. You can help others who are just getting started, or who do need to update their information, by waiting until your renewal is required.

We invite you to learn more about the Unique Entity ID transition by reviewing our available resources.

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