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January 2023: Best Practices for Preparing Quality Bids and Proposals


By: Abby Dschaak and Sherry Neas,
Office of Management and Budget (OMB),
State Procurement Office


Responding to government solicitations can be challenging – attention to detail is imperative!

When preparing a response to a solicitation, the first step is to read the entire solicitation from beginning to end to understand what the entity is requesting. Be sure to provide a detailed response to all the requirements that the solicitation requests. Your response will only be considered if it meets all the requirements.

If the solicitation requests references, communicate with your references and confirm they are willing to respond timely on your behalf. Ensuring your references are prepared to respond quickly will give the best opportunity for the procurement officer to receive responses from all the submitted references. Be sure you provide current contact names, emails, and phone numbers in your bid or proposal.

Government entities typically have laws that make some documents public information. After the notice of award is posted, you can request a debrief meeting with the procurement officer. In a debrief, a procurement officer can usually share evaluation documents to give you feedback on your response. This information will help you understand what your firm did well and where you could make improvements on your bids or proposals. This can help you be more prepared and make even better responses to future solicitations.

Government entities rely on suppliers to provide the goods and services they need to serve citizens. Your participation as a bidder is always appreciated!

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