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Professor Tade Oyewunmi recently presented at the Natural Resources Law Teachers Workshop

Professor Tade Oyewunmi presented a working paper on ‘The Regulatory State and the Emerging Offshore Wind Energy Market in the US’ at the Natural Resources Law Teachers Workshop hosted by the Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law in Vail, CO

This paper discusses the emerging offshore wind energy market in the U.S. and highlights the role of the regulatory state (i.e., institutions, and agencies) accordingly. The paper highlights the growing policy-level and commercial interests in harnessing wind energy, especially from the US offshore and Outer Continental Shelf areas. It then discusses the framework for sitting and permitting such projects, as well as the implications for planning and interconnections to the relevant wholesale electricity markets and transmission networks. The paper discusses how various stakeholders such as fishing and maritime users engage with the leasing and permitting process in the US, including some relevant insights from the UK offshore wind project permitting framework.