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Professor Tade Oyewunmi recently presented at the International Energy Scholars Workshop held in Miami, Florida

Examining the Implications of Conflicts and Crises on International Energy Security

Professor Oyewunmi presented a paper examining the role of institutions and contractual arrangements in mitigating the impact of conflicts and crises on energy security, especially regarding the security of supply in international oil and gas markets.

The International Energy Scholar Workshop was organized by the US Chapter of the Association of International Energy Negotiators (AIEN) and sponsored and hosted by White & Case LLP. The workshop was held Friday, June 2, 2023 in Miami proceeding the AIEN 2023 International Energy Summit. The workshop’s objective was to encourage the work of all scholars (full-time, adjunct, fellows, students, and professionals) in the fields of international energy, business, law, and policy. Presenters were welcome to present abstracts, partial, or full papers. The goal of the workshop was to provide helpful feedback on works-in-progress or research, in addition to building relationships and increasing the sense of community among international energy scholars.

View the slides from the Presentation