North Dakota Procurement Technical Assistance Center

A resource for assisting North Dakota businesses in obtaining federal, state, and local government contracts.

September 2022: National PTAC Day, Come on, Celebrate with Us!

Thirty-seven years ago, Congress authorized an effort to expand the number of businesses capable of participating in the government marketplace. Since then, Procurement Technical Assistance Centers, or PTACs, have been available to assist businesses to get them ready to work with local, state, and federal government agencies at no cost. On the 21st of this month, the Procurement Technical Assistance Centers are celebrating their fifth national day.

In North Dakota, PTAC team members have been working with all sizes of businesses giving them access to research, training events, confidential advising, and match services to improve their success rate of winning a government contract. We work with each business one-on-one to understand their unique challenge and provide solutions. Did you know that businesses can work with PTAC for the life of their business? PTAC Specialists work proactivity with businesses to assist them in preparing for future prime & subcontracting solicitations, positions for networking, and keeping informed of changes in regulations.

When you work with the North Dakota PTAC, they are…

Patient with their clients
Trusted by clients
Agile to resolve client issues
Collaborative for clients

Our clients are our biggest supporters. What do they say about us?

  • Very happy this service exists. I found the information given to me very helpful in making my business decisions.
  • Very friendly and professional.
  • Extremely helpful and very able staff.
  • They have been very helpful to me and are always happy to answer any questions I may have.

Are you thinking about the government market sector? Learn more by joining us at our FREE National PTAC Day Webinar on Wednesday, September 21st at 9 am CDT. Register today!

If you are unsure where to start or how to get organized, connect with the North Dakota Procurement Technical Assistance Center (ND PTAC). Our services are at no cost to businesses based in North Dakota. Register to schedule an appointment. Additionally, take advantage of the many other training opportunities and events listed on the ND PTAC website.

Not from North Dakota? Find your closest PTAC on the APTAC website, then click on your state.