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Please be aware of the circulating scam of the week, titled: “Greetings.” The sender of this email may appear as: Anna Mares ( Please DELETE this email without responding! ALWAYS avoid responding to unexpected emails, especially when they come from unknown sources and seem too good to be true!

MONEY SCAM- March 2, 2022

Categories: Money

Circulating Scam of the week. An adversary is trying to steal money from victims. Please do not reply and DELETE the email.

SETTLED INVOICE- January 26, 2022

Categories: Money

Please be aware of the following SETTLED INVOICE scam from DO NOT reply to the email, as they could ask you for your personal information. NEVER click on any attachments unless you are sure it’s a legitimate email.

COIN-BASE ATM – January 13, 2022

Categories: Money

Please be aware of the following COIN-BASE ATM scam from  The user wants a reply via a GMAIL email address and not the ORIGINAL email address it was sent from.