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Male juvenile arrested in connection with gun-related incident near UND

University Police Department officers arrested a 16-year-old juvenile male Sunday evening in connection with a gun related incident earlier in the day at a private residence near campus, according to Rodney Clark, associate vice president for public safety and chief of police at the University of North Dakota.

The juvenile, who has ties to Grand Forks, was arrested at the University police station about 10 p.m., Sunday night. The juvenile, whose identity is not being released due to his minor status, was charged with four counts of terrorizing and is currently in custody with local juvenile services, Clark said.

Early Sunday, around 1:30 a.m., University police officers responded to a report of a male individual with a gun at a private residence at 3000 University Ave., adjacent to the UND campus. Witnesses reported the male was seen with a gun in his possession while inside the residence. The witnesses reportedly asked the male to leave and called police while escorting him out of the residence. Witnesses also reported that the male suspect allegedly brandished a handgun, waved the weapon around and pointed it at others while located outside on the private property. The male eventually left the property on foot and proceeded northwest along Cambridge Street and then into a nearby church parking lot, according to witness statements and police reports. Initial police reports described the suspect as 5’8” to 6-feet tall, wearing a purple top with camouflage vest, jeans and black shoes.

Upon officers’ arrival, within minutes of the first report, they conducted a search of the area and spotted an individual that matched some aspects of the suspect’s description. After a brief pursuit, police were unable to locate the individual. Police then proceeded to the private residence to collect witness reports. Later, UPD officers discovered an Airsoft replica pistol, used to fire nonlethal pellets during military training and other exercises, near a trash dumpster by the church parking lot where the suspect was last seen by police. The replica weapon was likely what was carried and brandished by the suspect, according to police.

A federally mandated alert about the incident and description of the suspect was issued to the campus community less than an hour after the incident took place. A video still shot of the suspect also was distributed by police to the public early Sunday in an effort to identify and locate the suspect.