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Top 10 GIFable Moments from Welcome Weekend

From moving into the res halls and cheering at the pep rally, to rock climbing at the Wellness Center and dancing with Paint the Town, there are too many Welcome Weekend highlights to count! Luckily, we’ve compiled some of the most GIF-worthy moments from the semester kickoff.

10. On move in day, we jump for joy.

9. Greetings, Freshmen!

8. It’s really about to go down at Dance Dance Revolution.

7. When Paint the Town covers a Lizzo track.

6. All in for UND!

5. That feeling when the mentalist can read your mind.

4. THIS is how you high five a Hawk.

3. Just like that, we’re moved in!

2. When Pride of the North starts playing your jam.

1. Epic pep rally wave.

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