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February 28, 2020


On Tuesday, April 14 from 9:00am – 3:00pm in the Chester Fritz Library, join UIT, Teaching Transformation & Development Academy (TTaDA), High Performance Computing (HPC) and the Chester Fritz Library (CFL) for a technology expo featuring products and services the University has to offer. A combination of demonstrations, trainings, and displays will give you an insight into how technology can be of assistance. Feel free to come and go at your convenience and enjoy refreshments throughout the day. More information will be available soon.

New Wireless Networks Upgrade Complete

A new wireless network has recently been rolled out to the UND campus that will provide a better log-in and wireless access user experience.

As of February 14, the previous wireless networks, “UND” and “UND Secure” have been retired. UND students, faculty and staff transitioned to the new “UND Secured” over the course of several weeks.

There was a total of 21,466 unique devices connected and 6,507 people who have reauthenticated under the new network.

If you have any trouble with your wireless connection please contact UND Tech Support at 701.777.2222 or Further setup instructions are available in the knowledge base.


Data Loss Prevention

In order to keep you and your personal information safe, the UIT Security department will be rolling out new software in the coming months.  Spirion will help locate data that may not be easy to find, including documents you may have forgotten about. This software conveniently assists end-users to properly secure or dispose of the data, thereby, protecting sensitive information from theft and/or inappropriate use.

Spirion will run on Windows, Macs, and Linux and to start, and will be able to search for social security and credit card numbers contained in computer files.

Preview the Data Loss Prevention presentation.


E-sign Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

If you are overwhelmed by the amount of paper on your desk, or have trouble keeping track of what you have signed, DocuSign is perfect for you! All students, faculty and staff have access to DocuSign to electronically sign official documents anywhere, anytime on any device.


Find more about using DocuSign in the UIT Knowledge Base.