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Communicating Through COVID

May 18, 2020

Zoom Tips & Tricks

Zoom is one of the tools that has helped our campus stay connected while working remotely. Recently, there have been some updates to Zoom in order to keep meetings and classes secure, and some features you may not know even existed.

With Zoom you have the flexibility to create virtual meetings and classrooms as well as invite others to join from almost any device. Some Zoom features include:


Collaborate Through Microsoft Teams

Did you know that you have access to Microsoft Teams to collaborate with your co-workers and colleagues? Teams takes all your communication and collaboration and packages them into one, easy to use product. UIT recommends using Microsoft Teams or Zoom to collaborate with your team while working remotely and beyond. Find out more about Microsoft Teams in the UIT knowledge base

Zoom vs. Microsoft Teams

For a complete list of comparisons, you can find that on this document.

Staying Safe on Zoom

At the beginning of April, additional security measures in Zoom were enabled to prevent uninvited guests from hijacking your meeting. The new security settings were applied to all classrooms, meetings, and webinars and did not affect previously created sessions. Please review the Zoom Security Best Practices to learn which settings may best meet your needs.

The following security settings were enabled on Monday, April 6 for UND’s instance of Zoom (

  • Require Meeting Password – A meeting password is required by default for all Zoom sessions (including personal meeting IDs and phone participants).  A password is automatically generated or a unique password can be created. This password is automatically appended to the Zoom URL or can be shared with participants in another secure manner.
  • Enable Waiting Room for Guests – Only those with UND Zoom accounts will be able to access the Zoom session by default.  All guests (non-UND participants) or those who are not signed in with a UND Zoom account will go into a waiting room and must be admitted into the session by the host or other internal participant. Make sure you and your students/colleagues are all using a UND Zoom account.

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