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UND grad earns international scientific writing award

University of North Dakota faculty member Vishnu Reddy, who earned a doctorate in Earth System Science and Policy from UND last year, has been named the Pellas Ryder Award winner from the Meteoritical Society and the Planetary Sciences Division of the Geological Society America for the best paper published by a student in 2009.
The Paul Pellas Graham Ryder Award is jointly sponsored by the two organizations for undergraduate and graduate students who are first author of a planetary science paper published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
Reddy, now an assistant research professor in the UND Department of Space Studies, was given the award for his paper “Composition of 298 Baptistina: Implications for the K/T Impactor Link” (Meteoritics and Planetary Science 44: 1917-1927).
In this paper, Vishnu and his colleagues made a significant contribution to the science of meteoritics. Among other things, meteorites can tell us a lot about the history of Earth and the solar system. There also have been several major meteorite impacts on our planet, including one that is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.
“Vishnu’s work stood out in a field of strong papers and his exemplary research approach attests to the high standards attained by students in planetary science,” said Mike Gaffey, a UND professor of space studies and Vishnu’s PhD advisor.