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Brooke Hagenhoff wins American Meteorological Society Award

Brooke Hagenhoff
Brooke Hagenhoff

Atmospheric Sciences graduate student Brooke Hagenhoff won first prize for her oral presentation, “A Regime Based Climatological Assessment of WRF Simulated Convection and Associated Precipitation” at the 7th Transition of Research to Operations (7R2O) Conference at the 2017 American Meteorological Society Annual meeting. Winning in a field of high quality and professional presentations, the honor comes with a $200 award and a certificate of appreciation.

Her work investigated how precipitation biases in a popular weather model varied with the underlying weather conditions. To do so, Hagenhoff implemented an automated procedure known as a neural network to objectively classify weather patterns. This information was then used to segregate simulated and observed precipitation events across multiple regions of the United States.