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New Why? Radio episode is available

A new episode of Why? Radio is now available.

Listen to “A Philosophy of Motherhood” with guest Danielle Lasusa.

Motherhood. It seems both complicated and simple. The most natural thing in the world, but also the biggest responsibility one can imagine. The history of philosophy has largely ignored motherhood, so where does one start and what does it look like under a philosophical lens? Can a philosopher help coach and guide mothers in their journeys? Can they work together to find meaning and commonality in the more difficult aspects of parenting?

Danielle LaSusa calls herself a ‘practical philosopher.” She has been a teacher and philosophical coach for thirteen years, has a Ph.D. in philosophy, and is certified in philosophical counseling form the American Philosophical Practitioners Association. She hosts workshops and teaches courses on a range of issues, but specializes in discussion about motherhood.

Click here to listen.