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UND puts implementation of federal vaccine mandate on hold

Dear members of the University community,

I want to update you about the federal vaccine mandate, which would have required UND employees who work with federal contracts to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or to receive a medical or religious exemption.

The requirement is on hold until a federal court rules on lawsuits regarding the vaccine order.

The nationwide injunction, issued yesterday, affects federal contractors. UND has more than $100 million in federal contracts, and some faculty and staff members would have been required to comply with the mandate if they worked on those contracts.

Because of the injunction, UND will not implement a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for employees until the court has reviewed the case, which may take several months. We will continue to sign and work on federal contracts, and will only implement the mandate if it is deemed lawful.

I want to encourage you to get the COVID-19 vaccination and booster, if you haven’t already. Vaccines remain our best defense against the virus and its variants, and to protect yourselves, your families, and the greater community.

Thank you for doing your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Andy Armacost