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New episode available on Why? Radio

A new episode is available on Why? Radio.

“What Are Community Colleges For?” with guest Brian Huschle is available here.

Community colleges don’t seem to get the respect they deserve. They’re perceived as second-rate institutions or places for people who need extra help. Is this true? Is this fair? Are they fundamentally different than four-year colleges and universities? Can we judge them the same way or are they incomparable? On this episode of Why? we look at the important role of two-year schools and the essential place they hold in their communities.

Brian Huschle is Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at Northland Technical College, which has two campuses in East Grand Forks and Thief River Falls, Minnesota. He received his Ph.D. in philosophy at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and spent nineteen years in the classroom before moving into administration.