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UND Wi-Fi transitioning to UND Protected

As part of UIT’s ongoing commitment to Safeguarding UND through increased security and infrastructure redundancy, we have begun transitioning all wireless (Wi-Fi) network connections from the current UND Secured network to the new UND Protected network.

UND Protected network is now available to switch over to for all of UND campus.

All UND-issued mobile devices and personal devices including computers and laptops will need to reconnect to the new UND Protected network.

The UND Open network will remain available for use and for onboarding to the new UND Protected network. Information about how to connect to the UND Wi-Fi networks can be found online: Article – Connect to UND Wi-Fi Networks

The UND Secured network will be turned off in various buildings beginning June 7 and continuing through June 13 when UND Secured will no longer be available on campus.

UND Tech Support – University IT