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UND welcomes Bird e-scooters to campus

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to note that the deployment of Bird e-scooters is pending a final permit approval from the city of Grand Forks. An announcement will be sent out when the permit is approved and the deployment is underway.

Birds have started flocking to the UND campus, and people are welcome to hop aboard one and ride.

That’s because these Birds are the dock-free, low-speed electric scooters made by Bird Rides, Inc., a micromobility company based in Miami. Pending final approval of a permit from the City of Grand Forks, some 75 to 100 Birds are likely to be deployed, with more being expected over the coming weeks until the total reaches about 140, said Bird spokesperson Kylee Floodman.

Users must first download Bird’s mobile-phone app. The app shows available scooters and their locations. Scanning the QR code on the scooter will finalize the rental, and travel cost will be deducted from the rider’s credit or debit card account.

Rides cost $1 to start up and 39 cents per minute afterward, so there’s no University funding involved. Riders are instructed to stay off of sidewalks and use bike lanes when available or ride along the side of the road, and are advised to wear a helmet.

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