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Letter: President Armacost encourages release time for Staff Senate participation

Dear UND faculty and staff,

The University of North Dakota Staff Senate was established in 1998 as a representative body of staff employees to serve as an active communication link between staff and administration on issues of mutual concern.  With 42 elected Senators, the Staff Senate provides a forum for open expression and debate and, in 25 years, has become active in fostering a spirit of unity, pride, and cooperation among UND employees.

Three Staff Senators serve on the University Senate and have representatives on two committees: Budget Committee and Legislative Affairs Committee. Staff Senate representatives also serve on various UND committees as needed, for example, the Parking Committee; Conflict of Interest/Scientific Misconduct Committee; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee; Campus Safety Committee; Telecom Modernization Committee; and the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee.

Since its 2012 inception, Staff Senate’s Seeds for Staff Success program has given $106,100 to staff in support of continuing their education and professional development opportunities.  Staff Senate’s Jeans Give Back program has donated $140,924 to local and special nonprofit organizations since it began in 2011.

I fully support the Staff Senate and the work that the senators are performing on behalf of all UND staff employees.  Much of this work is accomplished through the Senate Executive Committee and seven other committees.  I encourage supervisors to provide release time for the senators to attend the monthly Staff Senate meetings and, with consideration of department work demands, to allow release time for the senators to participate in committee activities.

Supervisors, I urge your support of the activities of the University of North Dakota Staff Senate.

— Andy Armacost, President