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UND senior Sydney Menne selected for 2023 Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship

Sydney Menne, a UND senior and one of the University’s most honored current students, has landed yet another prestigious fellowship.

The 2023 Marshall Scholar and Rhodes Scholarship finalist from Shoreview, Minn., has been awarded the 2023 Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship. She’ll intern this summer at the space launch company Astra in Alameda, Calif.

Menne is one of only 30 students among more than 250 applicants from 90-plus colleges to be selected for a paid internship at one of several leading commercial space companies.

“I’m thrilled,” Menne said. “The Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship means I now have additional support and connections to others who share my passion, and it means I am one step closer to achieving my goal of making an impact in commercial space.”

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