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Feb. 20 video message from President Armacost

Who is UND’s new Vice President for Research & Economic Development? What’s fascinating about parasites, and how does that lead to meeting an Australian crocodile head-on?

The answer to the first question is Scott Snyder, who officially joined UND last month and is now appearing in this week’s video message with President Andrew Armacost.

For the rest? You’ll have to watch the video.

Snyder is four weeks on the job as vice president, most recently serving as Dean of the College of Science and Engineering at Idaho State University. A native of Nebraska, Snyder says he feels at home being back on the plains, in Grand Forks.

Armacost asks about Snyder’s background, education and journey through a career of teaching and research.

Snyder says UND’s mission and research strengths led to him becoming a candidate for the VP position, and that the love people have for the University has been a hallmark of his introduction to the Grand Forks community.

For other topics covered in the video, refer to the timestamps below:

0:15 How did you get to UND?

1:51 Background in parasitology

4:14 First impressions of UND

5:35 What’s intriguing about UND’s research?

8:06 Vision for economic development at UND

9:50 Plans forthcoming