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Policies posted for campus comment: Catering, Duress Buttons, Religious Accommodations

The following policy documents have been posted for campus comment. Contact the policy owner with questions or submit feedback electronically.

Campus Comment

  • Campus Catering – new policy; comments due April 29
    Campus Catering’s designation as the provider of on-campus food and beverage services not only protects the University financially but assists in ensuring that food on campus is served safely; the University experience and brand are upheld; and off-campus vendors have met food safety, insurance, equipment, and buffet ware requirements.
  • Campus Duress Buttons – new policy; comments due April 22
    To ensure alarm systems are functional and compatible with existing monitoring equipment, a standard process has been set for all university departments relating to the purchase, installation, and operation of duress buttons.
  • Religious Accommodations for Students & Employees – new policy; comments due April 22
    Pursuant to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1967, the North Dakota Human Rights Act, and other applicable state and federal laws, the University is dedicated to providing an equal opportunity learning, living, and working environment for all members of the University community, regardless of religious beliefs. To this end, UND offers reasonable accommodations for religious beliefs. The University adopts this policy with a commitment to ensuring students, employees, and applicants have a clear understanding of their rights to a reasonable accommodation on the basis of religious belief and of the process for requesting such an accommodation.

To search campus policies, utilize UND’s policy library. Want your department’s policies added to the library? Contact Jen Rogers, director of university policy, for additional information (777.4392 or