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The new University Letter (ULetter) has been redesigned to become your daily source for UND news. This page has been dedicated to questions you may have in reference to the new ULetter design. This page also goes over some tips on how to navigate and make the most of the new ULetter.


How do I read more information about a post (article)?
Click on the post’s title or the “Read More” button (located at the end of each post description) for the full post of that story on the ULetter Web site.

How do I see all the current posts under an individual category such as Announcements?
Click on the colored category header for the most recent list of posts under that category.

How do I submit a post?
Click the “Submit” button (located in the upper right hand corner of the email header) to access a form that allows you to submit a story to the ULetter. After submitting it, the story will be approved, then appear in the next issue.

Note: The ULetter email is used to help distribute information to you, but the easiest way to navigate the ULetter is by clicking through to the Web site.

Web site

How do I see all the postings under a category such as Announcements?
Click on the colored category header.

How do I search the ULetter and Archives?
Use the “Search Box” in the top right corner (the search results will consist of all postings that contain the searched word/phrase),
Use the “Archives” section located in the right sidebar  (this function allows you to see what was posted during specific months)

How do I submit an article/post?
On the left sidebar under pages is a link to “Submit A Story.” Fill out and submit the form. After approved, it will appear in the next issue.

Where does my story go after I submit it and it is approved?
The story will be placed in the category selected by you or the ULetter Editor.

Can I receive updates when new articles are posted?
The new ULetter allows you to subscribe to a RSS feed to ensure that you have the newest information available in one easy click. The RSS Feed button is located on the bottom right corner of the site and labeled “Entries (RSS).”

How do I know the date of a posting?
The date of a post is located on the full post directly under the title (after “Posted by”).